Consignment Explained

What is Consignment?

Consignment is the act of consigning. More formally defined, this is where the Consignor (you) places clothing and accessories in the hands of the Consignee (Closet 112). The Consignor still maintains ownership until the items are sold or transferred.

At Closet 112 we strive in making the consignment process as simple and efficient for you as possible. There are three ways you can consign your upscale clothing and apparel at Closet 112:

  1. In-Store Appointment - We recommend all first-time consignors, as well as consignors with more than five items to consign, book an appointment with us. We love getting to know our consignors and want to make sure that you and your items are catered to in a relaxed and comfortable setting. By booking an appointment, we can assure that all of your items can be given the proper amount of attention they deserve.
  2. In-House Appointment - If it is more convenient for you, or you simply need some help in choosing the items you would like to consign, we'd love to be invited into your closet! For an in-house appointment, we come to your home and help you determine what clothing, shoes, or accessories you'd like to consign. We ask that you book an in-house appointment only if you have more than five items to consign.
  3. Walk-Ins - Walk-ins are always welcome. Simply bring your items into our showroom and we will be glad to consign them for you. We ask that walk-ins limit the number of items to five or less. We will also need a valid form of photo-identification.

Why become a Consignor?

Consigning has many benefits over simply discarding your items, donating them to charity, or sending them off to a thrift store.

Money in Your Pocket

Any item we sell on your behalf transforms to money in your pocketbook. You receive 40% from every item sold left in our care. Just think of the shoes and the clothes you can possibly put this extra income towards (especially now that you have a bit more room in your closet!)

Fashionably Green

Items you consign are sold to clientele that will make new use of your clothing and apparel. You can rest easy knowing your items are well-cared for and will have their very own hanger or dust-free shelf in someone else's fashionable closet. You can be proud of the fact your gently used Prada heels won't leave a trail of tiny carbon footprints behind them as they will be given renewed use by one of our client's well-dress soles. And let's face it, your clothing is simply too good to end up soiled in some landfill, too expensive to simply be tossed in a bag to goodwill, and too trendy to end up in a bargain basement thrift store. By consigning the high-end clothing you no longer wear you're creating a reusable product. Clients that purchase an item consigned by you are most likely purchasing one less new item from another store, and therefore reducing the burden on the resources needed to make new clothing.

At Closet 112, we will never discard any item that is not irreparably damaged. If you choose not to collect items that do not sell in our shop then we will donate them to charity.

Delight in De-Clutter

It can happen to the best of us. With our love for stylish clothes and complimentary accessories (and let's not even get started on shoes!) our closets can get so crammed full of trendy blouses, well-tailored suits, and stunning dresses that adding another item may just cause the entire closet to explode (with style of course). The once well-kept shoe racks now collapse under the weight of Prada and Jimmy Choo. The over-stuffed dresser drawers will suddenly jetison themselves across the room leaving a trail of colourful Hermes scarves. The hanging racks start to dip so low in the middle from an abundance of tasteful Chanel, Gucci, and Armani that they're creating a well-dressed puddle on the floor. All the while a waterfall of purses and handbags (monogramed by the likes of Louis Vuitton, Chloe, and Dior) starts cascading down from over-stuffed shelves. Your entire closet is so stuffed with fabulous clothes that it has turned into a fabulous mess!

While your closet may not be as dire as we've described above, it can still be a somewhat unmanageable mess! Closet 112 can help get your closet back to its once elegant and tidy state by helping you to sell some of your articles to a clientele that will delight and cherish them just as much as you once did. We can come to your home and help you find the items you're willing to part with and then pass these on to the glee of our clientele. You can once again reclaim your closet as an organized showcase of your most prized pieces (with a little spare room for that next wonderful find of course, you never know what will be coming out next season!)

Mend the Mistakes

Closet 112 is the perfect solution to correct the purchases that result in such phrases as: "What was I thinking?"; or "It looked better in the store!"; or even some of the well-meaning gifts that bring literal meaning to "Thank-you, you shouldn't have!" And it could also be the case that you just missed the date on the store's return policy for the offending item, the sale could have been final, or perhaps you misplaced the receipt. And these items, even though you'll never wear them, are too expensive to just give away or discard so they end up (where else?) tucked away in your closet, filling up and cluttering the space for clothes, shoes, and accessories that you actually wear.

By consiging these unwanted items, you can feel good about getting these items out of your life as they are ending up in the hands of someone who actually wants them. Not only that, but you're getting rewarded financially with each item that sells. Kind of makes you wonder why you've been holding onto that never-to-be worn skirt or dress!

Why consign at Closet 112?

All of us at Closet 112 are extremely passionate about finding new closets for all the items in our shop. We love the consignment process, especially in todays marketplace, it just makes so much sense! We are a friendly and cheerful bunch that have a thirst for the latest fashion and style trends. We simply love clothes (and shoes! and purses! and jewellery! and did we say shoes!) When you consign at Closet 112 we will do our best to make the experience as efficent and enjoyable for you as we possibly can. We are the most technically-sound consignment shop in the area. When you consign with us, you will be able to review the status of all your items conveniently from your home computer online in the Consignors area of our website.

We are just as passionate about our clientele, and finding them the items they desire. The items you consign are professionally photgraphed, and along with the rest of our current inventory, completely browsable from our website. This increases our customer base, from not just foot traffic, but to anyone with an Internet connection. In addition to this, we have a digitized Wish List in place where clientele can let us know what they want even before it arrives in our store! This will drastically decrease the time it takes to move much of our inventory, and quicker sales for us means a quicker payment for you as the consignor.

Treat us as your second closet. You'll be glad you did.

Ready to be a Consignor? Then check out how to consign at Closet 112.

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