9 Tips For Consignment Shopping at closet 112

Shopping consignment is an affordable way to find high-end and designer apparel at a fraction of the cost. And not only does it make such common financial sense, but it can be a whole lot of fun too! In order to get the most out of your consignment shopping experience, we've put together nine very useful tips for making the most of your consignment shopping trip in our closets!

  1. Take Your Time

    Consignment boutiques are quite different than other clothing shops. It's very rare that we get more than one of the same designer item at the same time in our shop (and even rarer to find two in the same size!) Instead of multiples of the same item sitting side by side in our store, you'll find each of our stylish hangers holding a different and unique designer treasure.

    Since almost every apparel item in our shop is unique, you simply cannot take in all the wonders in our closets in a simple five-minute glance. So give yourself some time to take in the splendor of our fantastic shoes, purses, dresses, accessories, and all the fabulous apparel items in our closets! Don't be afraid to rifle through our clothing racks. We keep our store brightly lit and spacious so the time you take perusing our designer clothing is comfortable and pleasurable.

  2. Try It On

    We have so many designer labels and fashions from so many different designers that even we can't keep count! We see amazing designer apparel items enter our closets from every corner of the earth. From Italy to Australia, Brazil to France, the United States, Japan, Germany, Spain, Greece, and even right in our own Canadian backyard, from all the fashion capitals in the world! …now if only they'd all agree on a standard set of clothing sizes!

    Until that happens (we aren't holding our breath) we do our best at our shop to determine the Canadian size for each item in our shop. However, since every designer and fashion house has their own interpretation of size, cut, and proportion, in order to make sure you are getting the most fantastic fitting designer item, we strongly recommend you try it on first. Since we sell the apparel in our shop on behalf of our amazing consignors, we have to enforce a strict no return or refund policy, so make sure it looks wonderful before you leave our shop! Our change rooms are clean, bright, and spacious for your convenience.

  3. Bring a Friend

    It never hurts to get a second opinion right? So bring a constructively honest friend that loves to shop just as much as you do! Consignment shopping can be a great way to spend a few hours with a great friend; finding fantastic items for each other, getting unbiased opinions on how the items you try on look, and who knows, a second pair of eyes may just spot that designer item that you've always been looking for!

  4. Ask For Assistance

    Our staff is quite a friendly bunch and they want to see you leave happy and quite stylishly dressed! They are your best resource when in our shop, so don't be afraid to ask for assistance when looking for a particular designer or size.

    Our staff does not work for commission. We never want you to feel like you were pressured into buying something or leave our shop with an item you don't truly love. We'll be honest and forthright when it comes to how an item fits and looks when you try it on. We really want you to look your best!

  5. Do Not Barter

    Since we have such fantastic consignors, and want to keep them as happy as we can, we keep the consignment process as transparent as possible. This is where our approach in consignment may differ from other shops, we agree on prices with our consignors and we stick to them!

    Besides, bartering in a boutique is tacky. So save yourself from pointless efforts to nickel and dime, and simply know that each designer item in our boutique is already a fantastic steal!

  6. Plan Ahead

    For your convenience all of our inventory can be previewed on our website. We go to great lengths to photograph and describe each precious piece so that you can get an idea of what you can find in our closets! So take advantage of our Designer Directory and stay up-to-date with what has just arrived in our door by checking our website often from the comfort of your own computer!

  7. Love It or Leave It

    We want you leave our store happy with your purchases. We don't want you to buy something simply because you got it for next to nothing by wheeling and dealing. We'd rather you buy our apparel simply because it makes you look and feel fabulous!

    It's pretty simple, you either love a piece of apparel or you don't. More often than not you'll simply find that fantastic piece of chic apparel has disappeared and found its way into someone else's stylish closet. And since we only have one of each piece, you may have missed your chance forever!

  8. Check Back Often

    New fantastic pieces arrive in our shop almost daily! So make sure to drop by often or keep tabs on your favourite designers by browsing the latest apparel displayed on our website. When the item you've been looking for forever almost magically appears in our shop, you'll be the first to get your hands on it and in your own closet for good!

  9. Make a Wish

    Certain pieces don't last long in our shop, like Chanel and Louis Vuitton handbags! So register and as a member you can make your own personalized wish list and get notified via email as soon as the items you want arrive in our shop!

We hope you found these tips for making the most out of your shopping experience at closet 112 useful! We can't wait to see you peaking into our closets!

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